Battery cage ban

European Commission stands firm on the battery cage banOn 19 January 2011, the European Commission held a meeting in Brussels about the barren battery cage ban. Compassion joined government and egg industry representatives to discuss the implementation of the ban and ensure that hen welfare remains at the heart of the debate.
Good news from the European Commission
We are pleased to report that, at the meeting, the Commission committed to bringing the ban in on time. This means that barren battery cages will have to be phased out across the EU by 1 January 2012.
But threats to the ban remain very real
Despite being given a generous 12 years to prepare for the ban, Poland is still requesting a delay, and Compassion is concerned other countries could follow suit. We also remain worried that some countries will call for exemptions – such as labelling and continued sale of illegally produced battery eggs – which would completely undermine the ban.
Hélène O’Donnell, Compassion’s Battery Cage Ban Campaign Manager, said “It is absolutely crucial for the ban to go ahead. It will improve the welfare of around 250 million egg laying hens across the EU, and we will continue to campaign vigorously to ensure the ban comes fully into force on 1 January 2012 as planned – no excuses, no delays, no exemptions.”
Take action
Please support our campaign by urging Caroline Spelman, UK Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to support the EU ban on both battery cages and the sale of battery eggs in full.